Venezuela. First Division was going to be increased to 16 teams, so one was relegated and three promoted this season. The top 3 of the Second Division went up: Deportivo Galicia – champion, Minerven FC – second, and Arroceros.
First Division – championship in 2 stages. In the first the top 8 qualified to the second final stage and the bottom 6 ended the season – the last was relegated. It was UCV – Universidad Central de Venezuela (Caracas). They were absolute outsiders, finishing with 8 points and winning only a single match.
Peninsulares de Araya was 13th with 21 points, Deportivo Italia – 12th with 21 points,
Estudiantes (Merida) – 11th with 21 pointa.
Atletico Anzoategui – 10th with 24 points and ULA (Merida) – 9th with 27 points.
The top 8 continued as mini-league from scratch and the final table here was real final. In brackets teams positions in the first stage are given.
Mineros de Guayana (3rd with 31 points) finished 8th with 8 points.
Portuguesa (4th with 30 points) – 7th with 8 points.
Pepeganga Margarita (7th with 29 points) – 6th with 9 points.
Union Deportiva Lara (5th with 30 points) – 5th with 11 points.
Atletico Zamora (6th with 30 points) – 4th with 14 points.
Caracas FC (2nd with 31 points) – 3rd with 17 points.
UA Tachira (8th with 28 points) – 2nd with 20 points.

CS Maritimo (Caracas) (1st with 33 points) – 1st with 25 points. Grand season for Maritimo – they were supreme in both stages of the championship, winning the first stage with 11 wins, 11 ties and 4 losses. 28-10 goal-difference. But in the final stage they did not allowed anybody to come close – 12 wins, 1 tie, 1 lost match, 20-4 goal-difference. UA Tachira, seemingly saving their strength for the final phase, still finished 5 points behind. But most important was that Maritimo won its very first title!
First title won in such superior way deserves a second picture. Girls included.