Mexico II Division

Mexico. The usual changes for the season: Potros Neza was promoted from Second Division, but sold its license to Veracruz, so Veracruz played in the top league. Atlante relocated from Mexico City to Queretaro. Orizaba was bought by new owners and they relocated the team to Tijuana, renaming it Inter. Durinb the season Nuevo Leon was sold and the new owners relocated the team to Saltillo, renaming it Leones de Saltillo – thus, Nuevo Leon started season, but Leones finished it. The championship formula remained untouched, but new rules for relegation were going to be introduced the next season.
Second Division. 4 teams relegated, 1 promoted. Relegation was decided in the first stage and the unfortunate were: SUOO, Galicia, Tecoman, and Ayense. The group winners of the second stage went to the final and they were Inter (Tijuana) and Leon. Leon won its home leg 3-0 and managed 1-1 in Tijuana, thus winning the championship and promotion.
Possible picture of Inter of this season. Typically, new owners had ambitious plans and the new team – but old franchise – did well. How well second place was for the owners remained to be seen, though – success had to be immediate and without it… Mexican football history showed a long list of names with meteoric short existence.
Leon (Leon) won the Second Division championship for the first time. A new trophy was fine, but the aim of the club was to return to top flight as quickly as possible and they succeeded. Back to familiar grounds next season.