Italy III Division Girone A

Third Division – Serie C1. Two groups of 18 teams each, the last 4 relegated to Serie C2 and the top 2 promoted to Second Division. Tradition was unbreakable – defense and low scoring: only 1 team in both groups ended with single-digit ties (Casarano with 9 in Girone B), but 2 teams managed to tie 20 of their 34 games: Mantova in Girone A and Torres in Girone B. Caseratana was the best-scoring team in Third Division with 49 goals and the lowest were Sambenedettese and Ischia with 17 goals each.
Girone A.
Derthona – last and relegated with 21 points.
Montevarchi – 17th with 24 points and relegated.
Alessandria – 16th with 28 points and relegated.
Prato – 15th with 30 points and relegated.
L.R. Vicenza – after winning decisive match against Prato they took 14th place with 30 points and stayed in the league.
Arezzo – 13th with 31 points.

Spezia – 12th with 32 points.
Trento – 11th with 32 points.
Casale – 10th with 33 points.
Carpi – 9th with 34 points.
Piacenza – 8th with 34 points.
Carrarese – 7th with 35 points.
Chievo – 6th with 35 points.
Mantova – 5th with 36 points.
Venezia – 4th with 39 points.
Empoli – 3rd with 43 points.
Lucchese – 2nd and promoted with 47 points.
Modena won the championship with 48 points from 18 wins, 12 ties, 4 losses (their rivals Lucchese lost only twice this season) and 36-9 goal-difference. 36 goals in 34 games was nothing, but when it came to defending their own net no team came even close to them in any league. Remarkable achievement, yet, the best was not even winning the championship, but the promotion to Second Division.