DDR the Cup

Dynamo (Berlin) was not dismissed easily, though… they reached the Cup final, where they met FC Karl-Marx-Stadt. Since the final was always played in Berlin, Dynamo had the advantage. Home turf plus everything else… they won, but it was not an easy victory: just 1-0 and that achieved in the second-half of the match, when Andreas Thom scored in the 57th minute.
Too bad FC Karl-Marx-Stadt lost. They did their best, but even if political pressure is taken aside, in pure football terms they were the inferior team. Still, it was a great season for the club – their best since 1966-67.
It was early to celebrate the end of BFC Dynamo – they still had more than enough power and more than capable to win a trophy. With 10 national team players, led by bright young stars Thomas Doll and Andreas Thom, at least the Cup was in their hands. Class is class… even if winning was difficult. It was second consecutive Cup for Dynamo and their 3rd altogether. At this moment nobody knew or expected, or hoped that Dynamo (Berlin) won its last trophy.