Turkey II Division

Turkey. Ranked 24th. 3 points for a win rule was introduced this season. Two teams were above the others, but only one dominated the championship. Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor dropped down the table. Turkish football was improving, but so far slowly.
Alanyaspor was one of the Third Division winners and going up to Second Division. According to this photo, of course – the problem with it is that Alanyaspor played in Group B of Second Division, just relegated from First Division and almost promoted back to it. Same team? A bit of mystery.
Second Division – 52 teams divided in three groups. The winners were directly promoted to top flight.
Group A – 18 teams played in it. One of the newcomers was top-league B-team: Trabzonspor B. The first time a B-team was introduced at this level. They did fine: 10th with 43 points. However, the championship was dominated by one team.
Bayburtspor played its second and last season in the Second Division – they finished last with 27 points.

Kayserispor was nothing special this season – 7th with 49 points.
Petrol Ofisi SK had surprisingly strong season, but unable to really push for promotion: 2nd with 59 points.
Adanaspor had no rival – 20 wins, 9 ties, 5 losses, 71-23 and 69 points. They won the championship and were promoted back to First Division..
Group B. 17 teams, 5 of them just promoted from third level. Two of the newcomers were immediately relegated. Two teams battled for promotion and the winner was a surprise.
Yeni Salihlispor – 7th with 47 points. Not everybody played on grass yet…
Inegolspor – 5th with 50 points.
DC Karabukspor – 4th with 50 points.
Antalyaspor fought for top position, but lost it and finished 3 points behind the winners. The same Antalyaspor as shown above?
Kahramanmarasspor clinched the title – they prevailed over Antalyaspor by 3 points: 16 wins, 10 ties, 6 losses, 63-35, 58 points. Unknown outside Turkey club with long and difficult name, which played their best season ever. Their victory was surprising, but well deserved success. Now debut in First Division was coming.
Group C. 17 teams, 2 of them dominating the championship, but really one was the leader. Perhaps the most former top league clubs here, but this did not make for dramatic and competitive season. The clubs of Izmir were struggling.
If Goztepe and Altinordu were at least in the upper half of the table, Izmirspor was really down on their luck – 15th with 36 points and relegated to third level.
Goztepe was the best of the Izmir clubs – 5th with 48 points.
Bakirkoyspor – 3rd , but very distant 3rd, with 51 points.
Zeytinburnuspor, just coming back from Third Division, was ambitious to climb back to complete recovery – but eventually failed and finished 2nd with 60 points. May be next year.
Konyaspor won the championship with 65 points: 19 wins, 8 ties, 5 losses, 49-23. Like Adanaspor, Konyaspor was going back to the familiar grounds of the top division.
So, good luck to the promoted winners – Adanaspor, Kahramanmarasspor, and Konyaspor.