Switzerland the Cup

The Swiss Cup opposed a bit unusual, but hardly rare for the 1980s opponents: Grasshopper to lowly Second Division Schaffhausen. Schaffhausen missed a chance to win promotion to top league and Grasshopper dropped out from the championship final after having very strong and promising first stage. The Cup was – naturally – a big goal for both finalists, but top-league class won the day – 2-0 Grasshopper.
The disappointment of FC Schaffhausen is easy to get: they were close to success twice this season and both times failed. Objectively speaking, they had no chance against one of the most powerful Swiss clubs, but still it would have been great if the underdog won. Alas, no miracle…
Grasshopper saved the season by winning the Cup. All is well when ends well, the cliché amounting to 15th Cup in their trophy room.