Luxembourg. Championship formula: regular season at first, followed by final stage in which the top 6 teams played, carrying half the points they earned in the first phase. The last 4 teams played in the promotion/relegation stage against the top 4 teams from each Second Division group. The top 2 teams in each promotion/relegation group were going to play top league football in the next season.
So, in the final phase something rather surprising happened – Jeunesse (Esch) won the first phase and since they were traditionally successful the title was most likely to be theirs. But it went to Spora (Luxembourg), which was 4th in the first stage, 5 points behind Jeunesse. They had excellent finish – 7 wins and 3 ties – and benefited from the rule of carrying only half the points from the opening stage. Jeunesse failed: 5 wins, 1 tie, 4 losses and ended second.
Fantastic moment for the supporters of Spora – their beloved club won its 11th title, but the victory came after a long wait: the 10th title was won in 1960-61! And, unfortunately, it was the last title Spora won…
The Cup final opposed Union (Luxembourg) to Avenir (Beggen) and Union prevailed 2-0.
Thus, Union – or Union Sportive, or US Luxembourg – won its 8th Cup.