Italy III Division Group B

Serie C/1, Group B. Two outsiders and 4 teams competing for promotion.

Rende was last with 21 points. If they had much better goal-difference, they would have been 17th – no difference, really.

Foligno, also with 21 points, had a bit of comfort winning the battle with Rende for the next-to-last place. Some battle…

Siena – 16th with 28 points.

Civitanovese – 15th with 31 points. One point was the border between life and death – if Civitanovese had earned one more point, they would be safe. For a lowly team, they had great goal-difference: 25-25, but the immediate competition got 32 points and Civitanovese was relegated along with the three teams bellow them.

Ternana survived with 32 points – 14th place.

Campania – 13th with 32 points. Lucky guys.

Akragas – 12th with 33 points.

Messina – 11th with 33 points.

Foggia – 10th with 33 points. That was the simple fact: all teams bellow 9th place – half the league – have been concerned only with survival this season.

Barletta – 9th with 35 points.

Salernitana – 8th with 35 points.

Cosenza – 7th with 36 points.

Benevento – 6th with 36 points.

Casertana – 5th with 37 points.

The other 4 clubs fought for the 2 top promotional spots. It was a bit of unequal battle, given the history of the competitors and may be the final outcome had to do with that – traditionally lowly clubs lost.

Virtus Casarano – 4th with 41 points.

Francavilla – 3rd with 41 points.

Taranto managed to earn one point more than Francavilla and Virtus Casarano and got promoted – 2nd with 42 points.

Bari won the championship with 45 points. Three points ahead of Taranto, but it was not a piece of cake season.