Italy III Division Group A

Third Division – Serie C/1. Two groups of 18 teams each, the bottom 4 relegated, the top 2 – promoted. Group A – one definite outsider and three teams, way above the rest, competing for promotion.

Trento – last with 12 points. They won only 1 match and lost 23.

Fanfulla – 17th with 25 points.

Fano – 16th with 26 points.

Prato – 15th with 27 point. The top placed in the relegation zone and going down as well.

Sanremese – 14th with 29 points.

Legnano – 13th with 29 points.

Rimini – 12th with 30 points.

Treviso – 11th with 32 points.

Modena – 10th with 32 points.

Reggiana – 9th with 34 points.

Ancona – 8th with 37 points.

R. M. Firenze – 7th with 39 points.

SPAL – 6th with 39 points.

Brescia – 5th with 39 points.

Carrarese – 4th with 39 points.

L.R. Vicenza – 3rd with 47 points. A favourite, but lost the battle for promotion by a single point.

Bologna – 2nd with 48 points. One point placed them above Vicenza, worse goal-difference put them bellow the league champions. But it did not matter – climbing up to second level was most important and, luckily, done.

Parma won the championship, thanks to better goal-difference. May be for Bologna, used to play top league football, third division title hardly mattered, but not so for Parma – lowly club so far and thus any trophy was welcome. Going up was also great. Well, they and Bologna will play in the upper league next season.