Italy III Division Girone B

Third Division – Girone B. Apparently, clean season – nobody was found guilty of dirty activities and penalized.
Teramo – last with 18 points and out.
Campania Puteolana – 17th with 21 points and out.
Nocerina – 16th with 30 points. The played a relegation playoff against Catania and lost it 0-2 – thus, relegated.
Catania – 15th with 30 points. Survived only after beating Nocerina in a relegation playoff.
Brindisi – 14th with 30 points. Strange… they had the same points as Catania and Nocerina and better worse goal-difference than them, yet – safely 14th and no relegation playoff for them.
Ischia Isolaverde – 13th with 31 points.
Casertana – 12th with 31 points.
Cagliari – 11th with 31 points.
Salernitana – 10th with 33 points.
Frosinone – 9th with 34 points.
Francavilla – 8th with 35 points.
Torres – 7th with 36 points.
Monopoli – 6th with 38 points.
Foggia – 5th with 39 points.
Campobasso – 4th with 42 points.

Reggina -3rd with 43 points.
Cozenca – 2nd with 45 points and promoted.
Licata – champions. Like in Girone A, two teams finished with 45 points and goal-difference decided the champion – Licata clinched it on better one. Promoted, of course.
There was one more promotion spot and it was decided in a playoff between the 3rd teams in both groups: Reggina vs Verascit Boccaleone.
Reggina won 2-0 and earned the last promotion.