Italy III Division Girone A

Third Division. 2 groups of 18 teams – Girone A and Girone B. Last 3 teams relegated,top 2 – promoted. However, this season 3 teams from Girone B were promoted to Second Division.
Girone A. Teams with points deducted and one relegated and later readmitted. Apart from that – the usual tough season without clear favourites.
Ospitaletto – absolute outsider: last with only 11 points. They won just 2 games – one at home and one away. Relegated.
Pavia – 17th with 21 points and out. However, they had 5 points deducted.
Centese – 16th with 24 points. Relegated at first and later readmitted. Lucky boys…
Fano -15th with 24 points, but they were also penalized with deduction of 2 points.
Livorno – 14th with 26 points.
Derthona – 13th with 27 points.
Rimini – 12th with 31 points.
Lucchese – 11th with 36 points.
Reggiana – 10th with 36 points.
Trento – 9th with 37 points.
Vis Pesaro – 8th with 38 points.
SPAL – 7th with 39 points.
Spezia – 6th with 39 points.
Prato – 5th with 41 points.
L. R. Vicenza – 4th with 42 points.
Virescit Boccaleone – 3rd with 43 points. Very strong season – almost got them promoted to Second Division.
Monza – 2nd with 45 points and promoted.
Ancona – clinched 1st place on better goal-difference for they also finished with 45 points. Still note the typical Italian low scoring – Ancona scored a total of 35 goal in 34 games. Monza did not average even a goal-per-game: 28 goals in 34 games.