Italy II Division

Serie B. Italy was the place to play at this time and Itaian football came out of the 1970s darkness at last, but some things were permanent: defense was in the very center of the Italian game, so improvement did not mean open game at all – just tougher to win and more difficult to score. Second Division, even with the influx of foreign talent, was just as it was. Perugia ended the season with 20 ties! They also had 9 wins – all at home. And losses – 8 of them were away matches. It was the same as ever – try to win at home, try to tie away. No wonder few away games were won: the record this year was 4 matches and that was done only by the top 2 clubs in the league. Scoring was low as ever as well: the champions scored most goals, but 49 goals scored in 38 games was hardly something impressive. On the other hand even lowly clubs allowed less than a goal per game: the 19th placed allowed only 33 goals in 38 games. The championship, involving 20 teams was just a battlefield. There was no real outsider and no real favourite either. So, half of the league was generally concerned with avoiding relegation – 4 teams were going down – and the other half was trying to get promoted – the top 3 going up. But there was no clear divisive line – one match cloud change immediate goals and everything became settled near the end of the season.

Catanzaro finished last with 30 points.

Cavese – 19th with 33 points. They were the lowest scorers in the championship – only 25 goals.

Pistoiese – 18th with 34 points.

Palermo – 17th with 34 points. That was the relegated group and one can say that all have been a bit unlucky to lose vicious battle for survival by a small margin. Very small.

Empoli survived with 35 points – 16th place.

Monza – also 35 points and 15th.

Sambenedettese – 14th with 35 points.

Cesena – on top of the 35-points group: 13th.

Pescara – 12th with 36 points.

Cagliari – 11th with 36 points.

Varese – 10th with 37 points.

Triestina – 9th with 38 points.

Perugia – 8th with 38 points.

Campobasso – 7th with 40 points. Wonderful season for this club, for Serie B was largely made of former Serie A members.

Arezzo finished 6th with 40 points – ahead of Campobasso on slightly better goal-difference: 1 goal better.

Padova – 5th with 40 points too.

Lecce – 4th with 42 points. They were just a bit weaker to get promotion – perhaps shaky home games were the difference: they lost the great number of 3 home matches – only the last in the final table lost more at home – 4!

Cremonese was happy – they finished 3rd with 45 points and got promoted.

Como lost the battle for the first place by a point, but no problem – 48 points meant not just 2nd place: they were promoted, that was all they wanted anyway.

Atalanta clinched victory with 49 points. Champions of Second Division was good for the trophy room, but going back to Serie A was wonderful.