Hungary the Cup

The Cup final was a classic Budapest derby: Honved vs Ferencvaros. It was not Ferencvaros’ year…
Fodor scored the only goal of the final in the 63rd minute and it was enough for Honved to win.
Happy Honved with the Cup in their hands.
Ferencvaros. Top row from left: Rákosi Gyula vezetőedző, dr. Juhász József orvos, Bús, Vaszil, Szeiler, Zsiborás, Józsa, Dzurják, Limperger, Albert Flórián szakosztály-igazgató, Magyar Zoltán technikai vezető, Szűcs Lajos edző.
Middle row: Pintér, Bánki, Fischer, Kincses, Strausz, Keller.
Front: Bodnár József gyúró, ifj. Albert, Nagy Zs., Wukovics, Topor, Dukon, Zsinka, Simon T., Golecz Lajos intéző, Takács József gyúró.
Naturally, Ferencvaros was bitterly disappointed – beaten twice by Honved this season and finishing emptyhanded – but, in a sense, it was just ending. With constantly increasing number of players going to play abroad and decreasing number of really talented juniors, Hungarian football as a whole was sinking down. Of course, Ferencvaros had a strong team by the measures of the moment, but Dzurjak, Limperger, Zsiboras were not what Florian Albert was in the 1960s… and there was no sign of a player similar to Albert emerging… and there was no much left in the provincial clubs to be taken… Ferencvaros was slightly weaker than Honved currently.
Honved was hardly a great team at the moment too, but even if they were more lucky than really outstanding, still they managed to win a double, which is always something to brag about. Honved won their 4th Cup and their only 2nd double. Yes, the team was a far cry from the fantastic team led by Puskas in the 1950s, but Puskas and Co did not win a double… Honved was slightly better than their competition mostly because they chipped-off some of the remaining in Hungary stars from their very rivals: the Disztl brothers from Videoton, Szijjarto from Gyori ETO… that was their small advantage over the other relatively strong Hungarian teams at the moment, an advantage good enough to clinch victories, but not to dominate. In any case, a memorable season for Honved – mostly in terms of record books.